I was recommended Judy, after my mother had had her bladder operation cancelled after her long standing ailments cleared up on a few sessions. After suffering with disc problems in my neck and lower back for many years I decided to give it a go and very quickly after a few sessions I was back up and running and able to work again, as the doctors had left me alone for past two years saying I had needed an operation. Her hands on and distance treatments work equally very effectively and find her very helpful.

Peter Ryan


I work as a paramedic and had struggled to conceive for over 8 years. My sister got Judys number after meeting a lady that had conceived at 39 after having her treatments ,when Ivf had failed her and she had tried for ten years also. After 4 sessions ,I got pregnant and now have two children she is so gifted! Since then she has helped other members of my family with their issues and done that at a distance and in person. She has also worked on my babies when they had colic and sleep problems, she is fab.

Kelly Wimsey

Denton Manchester

As if by magic , my friend who owns a card shop gave me Judys number a couple of days before my cat Gerrard who was booked in at the vets to have his tail amputated due to excessive gnawing as he gets stressed and bites his tail when I'm not there. People had mentioned Judys skills in her shop and I gave it a try as I didn't want his tail off plus the vets said it wasn't a guaranteed operation it was 50/50 whether it would work long term. Judy assured me that Gerrard needed mental and emotional healing to get him right and balanced and after 3 mini sessions his fur was growing back and he was happier and stopped biting his tail so cancelled the operation.


Romiley, Stockport

Judy sent two distance treatments to Stevie my french bull dog who has always struggled with other people and is nervous and aggressive in his behaviour, he is so much better and a lot calmer a happier chap and people have noticed a difference and I am very pleased with the results.


Burnage, Manchester

I booked in for three distance treatments for my ex-olympian horse of 21 years of age who had suffered with alopecia on his back for a while, and his hair immediately started to grow back especially after the second session it was more noticeable and he is much happier in general and more relaxed. Thank you Judy



I first came to see Judy ( the miracle worker I call her) in Sept 2014 when i was on 21 lots of medication per day for various issues such as depression, headaches, bad back, anxiety and I repeatedly kept getting shingles the list was endless! After the first session, I felt lighter and had a spring in my step and my family noticed a huge change in my moods and I felt more together and grounded and even cut back on my alcohol intake as a result. Felt stronger within myself and i even had the courage to change my career and now have more money as a result! I had spent a lot on osteopaths and various other practices but this worked the best for me and my mum quit her osteopath and came to see Judy also and said it worked better for her. I have come off a lot of medication and have got my life back so thank you!


Timperley in Cheshire

I was recommended Judy in 2012 after suffering with severe endometriosis and womb cysts and back ache for a long time. The endometriosis was thick in diameter and the masses were measured on a scan and I was booked in for a hysterectomy as a result. After 4 treatments with Judy, I then went to stepping hill womb clinic and the nurses could not see the masses so sent me to Manchester Royal where 3 cameras were checking the area as the masses were not visible anymore and the doctors could not believe it. I have given Judy a print out confirming this from the hospital and I am pleased to say I have more energy, lost weight and more importantly no back pain and the operation was cancelled. A miracle.

Beth T


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