About Judy Davenport

My true spiritual awakening started in 2005, when in a dream Christ knocked on my door and touched my hands. Shortly after this event, a chance encounter with a reiki master led me into 5 years of studying healing, doing courses and attunements to open that doorway further.

I am fully qualified to master/teacher level in Japanese reiki, Karuna healing, Angel reiki, Golden era, Mer healing past life & soul recovery work.

Over the years, I have come to realise it is more about your soul contract with God and how much work a healer is prepared to do on self - development, as no two healers are the same and the results are very different no matter how many courses are taken.

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After working extensively with Christ and Arc Angel Michael, I would say the soul healing is the deepest and most powerful of all energy work as it connects us to our higher selves / god presence and brings us back into completion.

My guides are Jesus and Arc Angel Michael and in more recent years the Ancient Greek Olympians.

Why choose me?

Because I am dedicated to healing people mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as that makes us whole again. I help people reclaim their inner peace and power and get great results quickly and get people/animals out of the dark times and back into the light.

For me, it is about being a peaceful warrior with a sense of humour lol X


After being a successful travel agency manager for many years, I took a leap of faith and became a full time healer in 2008 and worked from my home in Cheshire, providing treatments from there for both distance and hands on healing local and international.

Word of mouth recommendations are how I have worked all these years but I've launched this website to reach out to more people/places/animals that need healing around the united kingdom and worldwide.

My experience includes treating all walks of life from nurses, paramedics, police, pilots, Sports people, some celebs, pyschics, other healers, housewives, children, babies, horses, dogs & cats, rescue animals.
Ages ranging 3 months to 90!

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I have treated successfully and gained much experience with the following conditions;




Bad backs (disc and nerve problems)


Skin conditions

Mental health disorders


Past life trauma

Blocked arteries

Circulation blocks


Bladder and prostrate problems

Periods and menopausal problems




Entity attachments

Plus much more

Ready to find out more?

I hope I can help you and if you wish to book a treatment in with me then please contact me.