There are many different healing techniques available, many originating from thousands of years ago all returning to help balance out the planet and the different kingdoms today.

A healer acts as a channel for their guides to work through and provides the essential energies that the recipient needs at that moment in time to evolve and heal.

Obviously all healers are different and we have different skills and when healing courses are activated the healer goes through their own spiritual ascension journey in order to raise their own vibrations so they can be a better channel / healer for their clients.

I use karuna and angel healing and mer / soul healing as this brings out the deepest form of healing and works well on healing the root cause of a disease or illness whether it be from this lifetime or carried forward into this life to be cleared.

I work to clear mental, emotional, physical and spiritual blocks and a lot of my work is medical healing when people are looking at coming off long term medication that is clogging up their bodies and ceased to be effective and are looking at restoring balance within their equilibrium, and they have tried everything else.

All treatments are unique to that persons journey and I have met a lot of my soul group and its a great journey.

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Healing Treatments

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Healing Treatments

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