I have had great success in this field resulting in many infertile women especially over the age of 30 having babies as a result. These are true miracles, as I have helped give life to women who have usually tried everything before they come to me.

The healing energy work helps unblock and open up the energy centres in the body so that the circulation and flow gets working and heals cells, blood and all your organs so it is a very deep treatment and balances the hormones at the same time.

Most of the ladies I have treated between 30 - 40 years have not needed more than 4 sessions maximum to get pregnant so it is definitely a god given gift my clients do laugh and say its a fertility clinic, (I even warn others it makes you more fertile lol).

Whether you have daughters that need their hormones and periods balancing or are suffering from polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, irritable bowel disease or going through the menopause, all these treatments help/aid with hormone balance and clearing womb blocks.

My ultimate challenge was a client called Charlotte who conceived after 10 years of trying with just a one per cent chance of getting pregnant and at 39 years had given up hope so after 4 treatments she had a beautiful baby girl, incredible.

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