Why choose distance healing?

The benefits are immense, this amazing gift when channelled properly works exactly the same as a hands on healing session as in the same results.

Other examples of my distance work are;

Brilliant for bed-ridden people, cancer patients that do not want to drive

Business clients with hectic lives

Weather problems cannot travel

Healing troubled family member / friend behaviour affecting others

Bullied children / grandchildren at school

Dementia / alzheimers (where they wont sit still for hands on)

Marriage difficulties

Health problems

House clearances of negative energies / enviroment

The Awesome Sun and its Natural Healing Source of Energy - healer's hands outstretched reaching up towards a bright sunburst beaming down with blue sky and fluffy clouds

In some cases I do not always get the receivers permission, as I appeal to their higher selves before I send it as usually paid for by a family member that has tried everything and the other person / animal would not generally have one of their own accord so it is sent with the intention of helping all involved for the highest and greater good.

Ready to find out more?

I hope I can help you and if you wish to book a treatment in with me then please contact me.