Dog Healing (one hour) price £30

Treated both hands on and distance.

Worked extensively on dogs and cats past 11 years great success.

Dogs very receptive to energy work they love it and very appreciative of my work.

Aggressive and nervous dogs - do benefit massively from distance healing, sent two soul ones to a french bulldog and much calmer and less nervous months on still.

Hyperactive dogs - again distance healing beneficial as I can send a treatment for when they are in bed and balance their energy centres (chakras) and get them fully grounded so better behaved with better concentration.

Irritable bowel syndrome - healing goes straight to the source of the pain and heals it deeper than medicated dog food gets to the root.

Skin conditions - can be stress related but also can be trapped negative energy waiting to be released that causes itchy, dry skin.

Glaucoma - healing helps reduce head pressure which then in effect lowers the eye pressure works in humans and animals.

Bullied dogs - healing helps the dog take back its power and feel calmer also.

Group of twelve dogs sitting in front of a white background

If you are struggling with a rescue dog then it maybe worth trying healing just to clear some blocks from previous owners so that you can start afresh.

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I hope I can help you and if you wish to book a treatment in with me then please contact me.