Cat Healing (one hour treatment costs £25)

Worked successfully with cats over the past 11 years.

They do not always like to sit still (unlike dogs) and if this is the case then distance healing works very well.

I have gained experience and treated with success the following conditions;

Cats that have been bullied by other neighbourhood cats and have trauma.

Rescue cats afraid of being left alone whilst owner at work.

Cats with inflamed itchy skin (where steroid creams have not worked) as healing works on all levels as this is often an internal problem and more often than not stress related which reflects in their skin condition.

Cats with aggression.

Cats that are stressed and bite their tails.

Cats with wounds.

Cats with cancer this has helped reduce tumours and heal the cells and given them renewed life and extended their lives.

Plus leg and back problems.

Bad stomachs and bowel blockages.

Cute dog and cat together on white background

Treatments can be sent whilst the cat is asleep or when its their bedtime.

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I hope I can help you and if you wish to book a treatment in with me then please contact me.